Welcome to this wiki site. Most of the site is open to everyone, but there are some password protected areas for collaboration projects. If you cannot see something that you need, please contact me.

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Software Demonstrations

The software that I use in my class are sometimes new to people, or are used every now and then, and the details are sometimes easy to forget. I have created short video lectures that demonstrate key tasks, and I have tried to organize these pages so that it is easy to find what you need. But suggestions are always welcome.

For many things, there are only minor differences between using a Mac and a Windows PC. For the most part, the Mac versions of software use conventions for menus so they are more consistent with other Mac applications, but most people can switch from one kind of computer to the other with browsers, mail, word processors, and so on. All of the material for this site comes from the standard computer platform at the Goizueta Business School, a Windows 7 computer.

If you are using a Mac, there is the option to partition your Mac so that it can run Windows - the application to do this is called Bootcamp. Here is more information about using Bootcamp so you can use Windows software on your Mac.

One application that is not consistent between Window and Mac OS/X is Microsoft Excel. Even though there are versions for both platform, there are fundamental differences between the implementations that affect some important uses of Excel, especially with macros and software that extends the power of Excel. If you are not using any of these extensions you can share files between versions without much trouble. But there are capabilities that (at present) are only available for the Windows version of Excel.


Blackboard is the learning management system used at Emory and the Goizueta Business School. There is information here about the basics of the system, and then how pages for my courses will be organized. The key tasks you need to understand are: wikis, blogs, surveys and grades.


Excel is a fundamental tool of business, replacing calculators. There are unfortunately different variations of Excel, so this documentation is particular to Excel 2010 for Windows. You can accomplish many of the same tasks with the 2003 or 2007 versions, but some of the implementation details have changed. The mac implementations of Excel will do many of the same tasks, but the programming details beneath the surface are quite different. For this reason, there are many useful extensions for excel (call Add-Ins) that will only work with Windows versions of Excel. For that reason, most students at Goizueta are well served by installing Windows on their Mac computers using Bootcamp (see below).


JMP is a data analysis tool that has many features that are either missing from Excel, or are more difficult to accomplish using Excel. JMP has an intuitive interface that looks much like a spreadsheet, and it uses most of the power of the statistical programming language, SAS. This program is site licensed at Emory and can be installed on your computer (Windows or Mac) for free while you are a student here.

Teaching Materials

Other material for my classes and executive teaching will be available on this website. Much of it will be password protected for the members of the program.

Teaching home page

Research Materials

My published research is available in library databases, but I will also post some of my papers here. Current research project collaborations will also be here, but most of that will be password protected.

Research home page

A note about video file formats on this site

There are many ways of delivering video on the web. Some of the older files on this site use Flash which is available on most computers. Unfortunately, viewing them on mobile devices like the iPad is difficult. If you see a file with a swf extension, I am working on converting that file but have not finished with it yet.

Newer videos are viewable on the iPad and have the extension mp4. Since there are many combinations of operating systems and browsers, I cannot guarantee that every video will play for you. I will test everything using Windows and Mac OS, with the current version of Firefox and QuickTime. If you are having difficulty with the video streaming on the web, you can always right click the link and download the file to your computer. Then you should be able to watch the video from there.

Please contact me if you discover videos that are not playing correctly.

A note about this site

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